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Al-lala Dance Group
Folk Dance Group

About Al-lala Dance Group
Al-lala is a group of dancers and drummers who carry in them the true spirit of the Lebanese and Middle Eastern Folklore. 

Kranti’s passion for dance goes back to the early 1980s, where he was a member of his village’s folklore dance group. He then joined several other dance-theatre companies performing and touring across the Middle East and the Arab World. In 2000, Kranti joined 
Caracalla - the Arab World’s most celebrated and prestigious dance company. Kranti trained, performed and toured with Caracalla where he refined his techniques in both the Lebanese folklore and modern dance and the fusion between the two-Caracalla’s innovative signature style. Kranti fused his Middle Eastern folk dance style with modern and martial arts techniques carefully without dropping the value and the beauty of each.

Kranti is the driving force behind A-lala Dance Group. After Moving to Canada, Kranti held his passion to carry out his culture and folklore and enjoy it with both his Middle Eastern and western audiences alike.

Kranti travels extensively attending and conducting workshops. He is always looking for the unique experience in dance. His performances, not only represent the authentic Lebanese and Arab culture, but also the spirit, strength and energy of a pure true being. 
Dancing for Kranti is a state of meditation where he disappears and nothing is there except the DANCE.